Thursday 29 May 2008

News: Books and the Internet

There have been a number of recent stories about the developing relationship between books and the internet. Not much talk about the oft-touted death of the book here - more considerations about the way that new technologies are nuancing the way that we interact with them:
  • The New York Review of Books examines the role of "The Library in the New Age."
  • Salon asks: "Has the role of the professional critic become obsolete in an age of book clubs, celebrity endorsements and blogs?"
  • NPR's All Things Considered explores the way that "First-Time Novelists Make a Splash on the Web."
  • The Guardian profiles literary social networking and "The Rise of the Virtual Bookshelf."
  • Having stepped down as literary editor of the Observer, Robert McCrum outlines the way that the "world of books and writing has been turned inside out" in the last ten years.
  • And finally: the New Yorker has launched a new literary blog: The Book Bench.

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