Wednesday 9 January 2013

AMS Research Seminar Series: Spring 2013

American Borders
Research Seminar Series, School of American Studies
University of East Anglia
All seminars, unless otherwise noted, take place on Wednesday 16:00-18:00, in Arts 1.16
Jan 9th                                                     *Special AMS-PSI joint seminar*
“‘A Majority is the Best Repartee’: Barack Obama, Congress, and the Elections of 2012”
Andrew Rudalevige, Bowdoin College
Note: This session will be in Arts 3.02
Jan 23rd                                 ‘Anne Frank Lives’: Stephanie B. Tolan’s The Liberation of Tansy Warner (1980) as Problem Novel”
Rachael McLennan, UEA
Note: This session will be in Arts 1.07
Jan 30th                                 “‘We Are All Harrisburg’: The Three Mile Island Accident and America’s ‘Scariest Nuclear Encounter’”
                                                Mario Del Pero, University of Bologna
Feb 13th                                “American Modernism and Irish Culture: Some Poems”
Tara Stubbs, Oxford University
Feb 27th                                “On the Edge: The Border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic”
Maria Cristina Fumagalli, University of Essex
Mar 13th                               “The ‘little’ New Yorker”
Becca Weir, Cambridge University
Apr 17th                                “Mapping ‘The Slave Ship Imprint’: The Body, Memory and Representation in the African American and Black British Visual Imaginary”
Celeste-Marie Bernier, University of Nottingham