Wednesday 7 May 2008

Election News: Is The End in Sight?

After all the weeks of campaigning, it looks like things are finally reaching a conclusion in the Democratic race to the White House - almost without warning. Despite Barack Obama's apparent loss of momentum in the last few weeks, his victory in North Carolina and very narrow defeat in Indiana means that his lead is essentially insurmountable. For now, Hillary Clinton has pledged to carry on. But exactly how long that will last is very debatable. The writing is on the wall, and in the papers...
  • John Dickerson, writing for Slate, questions "Has Obama finally clinched it?", whilst Chadwick Matlin puts Clinton's campaign on "Deathwatch".
  • Walter Shapiro in Salon argues that Clinton is "closer to oblivion".
  • In the New York Times, Jim Rutenberg analyses the pundits' reaction to events and finds that they've called the race for Obama.
  • And Dana Millbank, in the Washington Post, thinks it's "All Over But The Shouting".

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