Tuesday 20 January 2009

News: Inauguration Day

It's no surprise that the inauguration is producing mountains of digital comment. Where to start? The New York Times gives an account of Sunday's concert at the Lincoln Memorial - the event that kick-started the three-day inauguration celebrations - and Obama's activities yesterday, the Martin Luther King Day of Service. Thankfully, Slate gives you a breakdown of today's newspapers and their reactions to events. Slate has also been asking its readers to write their own inauguration speeches. Serious Eats lets you know what's on the menu at the inauguration luncheon - and gives you recipes to recreate the dishes at your own inauguration parties.

But how to watch the inauguration? Close to home, you can watch it in the Blue Bar - coverage from 4pm-6pm. Online, CNN gives you some tips about live-streaming and live-blogging here. But as our own loyal commenters have already told us, CNN's own streaming site is probably the most interesting pick, particularly because of its mash-up with facebook. The swearing-in begins at 11.30 (16.30 UK time), and Obama will be sworn in at midday. Once it's embeddable, we'll put it all up here. Enjoy. And goodbye, George.

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