Tuesday 30 August 2011

News: New Orleans, Six Years After Katrina

Ted Jackson / The Times-Picayune
Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Below, we round-up the best articles.

Coverage of this year's anniversary events might well have been overshadowed by Hurricane Irene, but in many ways it sharpened memories of what happened in 2005 - especially since commentators were quick to highlight the ways that lessons learned from Katrina informed preparations for this hurricane. And some New Orleanians were undoubtedly glad of the distraction: as this blogger highlights, "we don’t want to talk about it. I certainly don’t. None of my friends talk about it. My family doesn’t. In fact, the only time it comes up in conversation is when I’m out of town." But there were plenty of people who did want to talk about the ongoing meaning of Katrina for New Orleans:

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