Thursday 24 November 2011

News: Thanksgiving Round-Up 2011

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Happy Thanksgiving, America. Or commiserations on the National Day of Mourning, depending on your point of view. Either way, link round-up below!
  • Thinking of hosting your own Thanksgiving party? The New York Times is running a Thanksgiving help line...
  • ...Gizmodo advises on turkey preparation (clue: brine)...
  • ...and, thanks to The Guardian, you might like to consult Hadley Freeman's advice on "How to have a modern Thanksgiving."
  • If you're looking for more Transatlantic links, this Wall Street Journal article describes the celebrations of American soldiers in Britain during World War Two.
  • Some more Thanksgiving history: this great post from The Historical Society blog describes the pivotal role played by Sarah Josepha Hale, an antebellum writer and editor, in the creation of modern Thanksgiving...
  • ...this post from the Library of America's Reader's Almanac describes a significant Thanksgiving in the life of Margaret Fuller...
  • ...and this article from the Huffington Post describes Thanksgiving traditions at the White House.
  • Talking about the White House, you can watch President Obama pardon this year's turkey, Liberty.
  • Musical interlude: the Washington Post has been collating a list of Thanksgiving songs via Twitter. Warning: bad puns ahead.
  • Or how about a Lady Gaga Thanksgiving Special? Apparently she'll be making waffles. No, really.
  • Of course, the story that's rather dominating this Thanksgiving is the news that some retailers aren't going to wait until Black Friday to start their traditional price-slashing. Instead, they're starting sales on Thanksgiving itself, resulting in protests from employees and consumers alike. More from PRI and the Washington Post.
  • Alternatively, Occupy Wall Street is also getting ready for the big day.
  • And finally: below, you can relive the 1935 New York Thanksgiving Day Parade (with thanks to Ashley Kolka). Enjoy!

  • Update! By special request of Professor Nick Selby, here's William Burrough's Thanksgiving Prayer:

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