Thursday 23 February 2012

Postgraduate Study at the School of American Studies

Come and join the School of American Studies at the University of East Anglia for postgraduate study! Funding available. Click the flyer above for details. Need convincing? More information below.

Why does the United States of America matter so much to us all? 
Wealth, but world-wide credit crisis? Automobiles and highways? War on terror? First black president? International movie industry? The American dream? Patriotism and flag waving?

Whatever the reasons the United States matters to you, studying for one of our MA degrees [American History; American literature; American Studies; or American Studies and Film] will allow you to explore the events and forces that shaped the United States, and gain a deeper understanding of how this powerful nation moulds and influences the cultural, political, and economic lives of its own peoples and the world.

Why Study America at UEA?
The School of American Studies is rated one of the top research departments in the UK (Research Assessment Exercise 2008). It always receives the highest scores for quality of teaching and student satisfaction. Our vibrant research community ensures that faculty and graduate students meet regularly for research seminars and social events. The Arthur Miller Centre organises an annual Literary Festival, bringing major North American writers to the campus every year. All our MA programmes are interdisciplinary and are among the most established and prestigious in Britain.

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