Monday 7 February 2011

News: Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, How Wide is the Atlantic?

Alongside our regular series of research seminars, this semester the School of American Studies is very pleased to be hosting the Arts & Humanities Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, "How Wide is the Atlantic?" Here's a brief introduction:
The Faculty of Arts and Humanities Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar provides scholars in a variety of disciplines an opportunity to consult with one another about the broad implications of their work.  This year’s seminar revolves around the question, “How Wide is the Atlantic?”  We will examine transatlantic travel, migration, commerce, cultural exchange, expropriation and miscommunication up to the twenty-first century.  We will discuss novels, paintings and movies, diplomatic crises, insurrections and moral panics, assessing whether it continues to be appropriate to view Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas as component parts of a chaotic Atlantic World.
The next session takes place today (Monday February 7th) at 3pm in Arts 3.01. You can view a full schedule of seminars here. See you there.

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