Friday 13 November 2009

News: Careers

Some careers news that you should all be aware of. First, AMS now has its own Careers Blackboard site which is full of useful information about what you can do with your degree and how best to display your skills to potential employers. It's also regularly updated with news of potentially interesting placements, jobs and opportunities to develop your skills. Worth checking out.

Also new is the CV Builder - a tool providing space to chronicle your activities and skills developed from academic work, employment and leisure time. There's a template to get you started - no time like the present!


Liz (class of 2007) said...

Are these services only available to current students? As an alumni, I wouldn't mind making use of them, but the website seems to require a password.

Containing Multitudes said...

Liz, many thanks for your comment. I'll look into this and let you know the outcome.

Containing Multitudes said...

Liz (and other alumni),

Unfortunately, Blackboard is not accessible to those who have left the university. However, the Careers Centre does offer a wide range of services to graduates, outlined here.
Also, stay tuned for some exciting information for AMS alumni, coming soon.