Wednesday 5 March 2008

Election News: The Race Goes On

Last night's primaries were decisive in one way - for the Republicans, they confirmed what had already come to seem inevitable: John McCain is the official GOP nominee. But on the other side of the fence, things aren't getting any clearer in what is proving to be an endlessly interesting contest. Hillary Clinton achieved the comeback she needed, winning in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island - but what do these victories mean? How do they translate into the all-important issue of delegate mathematics?
  • The New York Times gives an overview of the night's events.
  • Walter Shapiro makes it clear that "It Ain't Over Yet", for Salon.
  • The Los Angeles Times profiles Barack Obama's reactions to the results.
  • The International Herald Tribune analyses the exit polls, to see who voted for who.
  • But the Washington Times is still pessimistic about Clinton's prospects, arguing that although the night's events "helped her regain support among her core voters" they "did not deliver the decisive margins that several Democratic superdelegates said they were looking for to keep her candidacy alive."
  • "Pennsylvania, here they come" - from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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