Monday 10 March 2008

News: AMS Careers Event - Wednesday 10 March 2008

The School of American Studies is holding a careers event this Wednesday. Here's the official description:

AMS, in cooperation with the Careers Centre, has invited American Studies graduates from a variety of professions and a range of past years to come and talk about their working lives, and in some cases the training they are currently doing, so that you can benefit from their experience.
  • What range of opportunities is available to an American Studies graduate?
  • How did these particular graduates decide on what kind of job they wanted to do?
  • How did they get into the jobs they are now doing?
  • What kind of training did they need beyond the degree?
  • How did their degree help them in choosing and doing their jobs?
Amongst those UEA graduates in attendance will be Razia Iqbal, the BBC's cultural correspondent. If you'd like a taste of what you can do once you leave AMS, here's Razia interviewing Scarlett Johansson and touring the set of the new James Bond film (click on the images for these and other examples of her work):

The event will take place between 1.00pm and 4.00pm on March 12 in the Elizabeth Fry Building. You will need to book a place. This can be done here.

Any questions to Richard Crockatt, or tel. Ext 2289.

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