Monday 14 January 2008

Letter From America: Melina Nicolaou

This week's Letter From America comes from Melina Nicolaou, who is currently spending her year abroad at Roanoke College in Virginia.
Melina writes:
"I'm studying at Roanoke College in Salem,Virginia, which is located in an area rich in American history. The first settlers arrived in Virginia, after all! Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, is here (pictured above) as is the rotunda he designed for the University of Virginia. We were able to visit his home and the University with our International Club. In the club, we have organised trips to many places including Washington D.C. (pictured below) and Charleston. The trips are the highlight of being a member of the club (and I was also treasurer!). I am enjoying every minute of my time here and I can imagine that it will be impossible to leave at the end of the year!"

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