Tuesday 23 April 2013

The Year Abroad Employability Project

Have you had a Study Year Abroad or are planning to take on one?

If so, you will be interested to know that the School of American Studies has launched the Year Abroad Employability Project.

The Year Abroad Employability Project has been designed to maximise the employability potential of the year abroad experience of AMS students. The project aims to provide the outgoing Year Abroad students with the tools to fully engage with the ways in which their experience enhances their graduate identity through a series of preparatory workshops and by being part of an AMS Year Abroad Network, consisting of current students and AMS alumnus. 

Connecting current students (both 2nd year outgoing and 4th year returned students) with AMS alumnus and creating a system of alumni-student distance mentoring, students will have access to the expertise and experience of our alumni. The hope is that the project will be mutually beneficial for everyone involved. Alumni have the chance to reconnect with the School of American Studies, share valuable insight and experience, improve communication and coaching skills, and be part of something new and exciting.

Both current students and alumni, can find out more about how they can benefit by joining our LinkedIn group, sending an email to lucy.c.edwards@uea.ac.uk or by having a look at the projects new website, http://americanconnections.wordpress.com/.

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