Tuesday 10 January 2012

Research Seminars: Spring Schedule

The new semester's approaching fast so, hot off the press, here's the compelling schedule for our Research Seminars this semester. See you there!

Doing Justice in, and to, America:
Visiting Speaker series, School of American Studies
University of East Anglia, 20011-12

All seminars will take place on Wednesdays, 15:00-17:00, in Arts 2.84

Jan 18th                       Philip D. Morgan                    Johns Hopkins University
            Slavery and Antislavery: The Caribbean Perspective

Jan 25th                       Jonathan Mitchell                    University of East Anglia
"Cutting out the ‘I’s in ­American Psycho"

Feb. 1st                       Kaeten Mistry                         University of East Anglia
"Narratives of Intervention: The CIA and the Framing of Covert Action"

Feb. 8th                       Susan-Mary Grant                   Newcastle University
‘A wooden leg is no excuse for anything’: Maiming, Masculinity, and the Medicalization of the Civil War Soldier

Feb 15th                      Anthony Stanonis                   Queens University Belfast
"Getting Color: Race, Tanning, and Tourism in the American South, 1900-1970"

Feb 22d                       Jay Kleinberg                          Brunel University
            "The Changing Politics of Middle-Aged Women in the Twentieth Century USA: The Older Women's League as an Age-Gender Organisation"

March 7th                    Peter Thompson                      Oxford University
“The Logic of Slavery and the Language of Violence in the American Revolution”

March 14th                  Victor Hobson and Keith Johnson     UEA
            "All Talking, All Singing": Jazz, Talkies and The Jazz Singer”

March 21st                  Thomas Wright                       University of East Anglia
            'Orality, Literacy and the American Press'

March 28th                  Wendy McMahon                   University of East Anglia
            Title t.b.c.

April 25th                    Mike Lee
            “American Television News”

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