Wednesday 19 May 2010

News: Exam Special

As you all know far too well, it's exam season. We trust that your experience is not being reflected in the image above. But however your exam season is going, one thing that's not recommended is following the example of Adam Wheeler. Wheeler is accused of faking his way into and through Harvard, defrauding the institution to the tune of $45000 in scholarships, and attempting to do the same for Fulbright and Rhodes scholarships. As The Times makes clear, "His application claimed that he had not only received perfect grades while at Harvard but had also co-authored numerous books, given lectures and even taught courses." And it almost worked. But not quite - he's currently on bail. So remember: things could be worse. The Atlantic examines reactions in the blogosphere, and Gawker, as you'd expect, explores the gossip behind the news.

And for those who will soon be leaving us, the New Yorker gives some advice on how your nearest and dearest should treat the newly graduated. Good luck to all.

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