Wednesday 29 April 2009

News: Obama's First 100 days

We've reached a moment that has been anticipated since the inauguration back in January - the first 100 days are up. Wading through the piles of analysis can be daunting. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
  • The Huffington Post seems to be leading the coverage, devoting a whole section of their site to picking over the first 100 days. Their bloggers examine the period from almost every conceivable angle - then break things down into bite-sized pieces that form the Obama report card. Two highlights: Robert L. Borosage grades America's first 100 days, and Harry Shearer reports on the first 100 days in New Orleans.
  • The Washington Post gives a historical perspective to the 100 days debate - and offers up a 100 days quiz.
  • The Wall Street Journal also thinks about things historically...
  • ...whilst Time pushes that perspective further, arguing that the hundred days benchmark started with Napoleon.
  • The Guardian breaks things down numerically.
  • Fox commentator Tammy Bruce judges the first 100 days to be: "rife with broken promises, crippling debt and bizarre and dangerous domestic and foreign policy."
  • And finally: Esquire imagines what John McCain's 100 days might have looked like.

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Kirsty C said...

Slate did an entertaining overview of the first 100 days in Facebook format: