Wednesday 11 February 2009

News: Lincoln Links

Tomorrow marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. The event is being marked in a variety of ways and has given rise to a new interest in Lincoln, man and myth. Here's a selection of links - feel free to share your own in the comments.
  • The official site of the bicentennial.
  • The OUP blog is marking the anniversary with a whole host of posts, the first of which is an excerpt from James McPherson's Lincoln biography.
  • Was Lincoln a racist? That's one of the questions at the heart of a new PBS documentary, Looking for Lincoln, hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr. Gates himself explores the issue for The Root, whilst the New York Times reviews the documentary here.
  • The Library of Congress shares a flickr set of Lincoln photographs here.
  • President Obama will be marking the occasion at a banquet in Springfield, Illinois.
  • Also in Illinois on Thursday: there's going to be an attempt to break the world record for "Most People Reading Aloud Simultaneously in Multiple Locations." The text? Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
  • Ford's Theatre - the scene of Lincoln's assassination - is reopening after an 18 month renovation. Its inaugural performance? "The Heavens are Hung in Black", a play about Lincoln.
  • Time spends some time with a Lincoln impersonator.
  • The extraordinary number of books written about Lincoln is proverbial. Where to start? The Washington Post gives you a reading guide; the Boston Globe reviews some of the more recent additions.

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