Wednesday 4 June 2008

Election News: "The end of one historic journey..."

"... and the beginning of another." Barack Obama's words, as he crossed the crucial delegate mark and claimed the Democratic Presidential nomination. Cue the analysis:
  • The New York Times runs through the historic events that led to this moment; Time examines "How Obama Did It."
  • Both the Washington Post and ABC News explore the ways that Obama's victory has been (jubilantly) received around the world.
  • Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still receiving mountains of press. Meghan O'Rourke examines her defeat for Slate, USA Today reports that she may soon return to the Senate, whilst the New York Times and Newsweek explore what's next for her - including exit strategies and the question of whether she will end up as Obama's running mate.
  • The Associated Press reports on John McCain's challenge to Obama to join him in 10 town hall meetings.
  • And Guy Saperstein argues that "The Presidential Election is Not Going to Be Close" for the Huffington Post.
  • Finally, the moment that Obama claimed victory:

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