Tuesday 30 October 2007

News: Halloween - Caption Competition

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Happy Halloween! To mark the occasion, a series of Halloween themed links - feel free to leave your caption competition entries in the comments section.
  • Reuters has compiled a brief guide to the history and facts of Halloween...
  • ... whilst the Economist highlights the degree to which the occasion is more popular than ever.
  • Joe Queenan, writing in the New York Times, offers up a tribute to Halloween: "Unlike holidays that have been commandeered by patriots or religious sects or people whose descendants came over on the Mayflower or Nascar enthusiasts, Halloween is not jingoistic or preachy or contrived, has no political subtext and is not rooted in greed."
  • And AMS's Sarah Churchwell attempts to explain the rules of Halloween in The Guardian.
  • But it isn't universally popular: the Herald Tribune examines the Catholic Church's opposition to Halloween celebrations in Mexico.
  • There's been much mixing of Halloween and politics this year: the Republican National Committee has asked people to vote for the Scariest Democrat; the Associated Press and Ipsos have asked which presidential candidate would make the scariest Halloween Costume (reported by the Gothamist). Hillary Clinton fares well in neither poll.
  • And finally: find out what to do with the bits left over from your carved pumpkins.
If you're doing anything for Halloween this year, we would love to see some pictures.


Anonymous said...

"And this is me Presidential Head, Aunt Sally."

Anonymous said...

And this my friends is what can be used to portray the world:
Corrupted from the inside out, soon to be chopped up, and destroyed!