Tuesday 20 May 2008

Election News: The End of the Beginning?

Two more crucial primaries in Kentucky and Oregon mean that Obama could have a majority of pledged delegates by tomorrow morning. It might not officially mean an end to the race, but in practical terms it might be all over bar the shouting. The internet is, predictably, excited:
  • The New York Times presents an overview of potential outcomes here.
  • Of significant interest (given the medium you're currently reading) is Katharine Seelye's account of Hillary Clinton's last minute appeal to bloggers...
  • ...whilst the Boston Globe reports on Clinton's continuing support here.
  • On the other hand, U.S. News & World Report surveys the way that "Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain are acting as if it were over and actively targeting each other" here...
  • ...Salon wonders, "Why don't those hillbillies like Obama?" here...
  • ...and Slate ponders John McCain's potential problems with HDTV here.
  • And finally: this might soon be a little out of date, but Matt Taibbi examines the Democrat's "culture war" for Rolling Stone.

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