Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Election News: Obama Moves Ahead

Barack Obama secured his tenth victory in a row in the fight for the Democratic nomination, yesterday, which has only compounded the sense of momentum that now surrounds his campaign. Salon and Slate provide analysis of Obama's victory in Wisconsin - and both focus on the ways in which he has eaten into Clinton's traditional support base.

But it may well be too soon to call a victory for Obama. The Democratic race may have legs in it yet. John Heilemann, writing for New York Magazine, argues that "the view in Clintonland [...] is that the Clintonites started hammering too late and too soft [...] Trust me when I tell you that you ain't seen nothing yet."

In other areas, Obama's campaign has been dogged by some controversy in the past few days - controversy that may build. As USA Today reports, Michelle Obama is being criticised for stating at a Milwaukee rally: "for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country." And Obama himself is in another sort of trouble: he's being accused of plagiarism. To be specific, he's accused of lifting lines from Democratic colleague Deval Patrick. Dana Milbank (in the Washington Post) and Channel 4 have more information, and videos comparing the two are appearing on YouTube - like this one:

Whilst we're one the subject, why not refresh your memory about the UEA's own plagiarism policy, here.

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