Wednesday 23 September 2009

News: Literary Lists, Day Two

Yesterday, we took a look at Oxford American's Southern literature lists. On today's list, one of the winners of that sift - William Faulkner - crops up again. The Bear is listed as the fifth most important book for our times, according to Newsweek's run through "What to Read Now. And Why." And out of the "fifty books for our times" that they select, what do they think is the most important book to be reading right now? Anthony Trollope's The Way We Live Now, published in 1875. Does that make you think any differently about your nineteenth century courses? According to Newsweek:
The title says it all. Trollope's satire of financial (and moral) crisis in Victorian England even has a Madoff-before-Madoff, a tragic swindler named Augustus Melmotte.
Another list tomorrow.

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