Sunday 1 February 2009

News: Super Bowl XLIII

It's time for Super Bowl 43: the Arizona Cardinals face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers at about 11.30pm UK time. USA Today outlines "Why the Steelers Will Win," whilst the Hartford-Courant lets the Cardinals know how they can bring home the Vince Lombardi Trophy. But the Super Bowl is not immune from its context: the economic climate means that the Super Bowl party circuit has been hit hard, and advertising revenues are down. Bruce Springsteen is providing the half-time entertainment, a choice that also feels in keeping with the spirit of the times. And President Obama? He's hosting a non-partisan Super Bowl party, but he's already declared his allegiance to the Steelers: "I am a longtime Steeler's fan. Mr. Rooney, the owner, was just an extraordinary supporter during the campaign. I wish the best to the Cardinals. They've been long-suffering. It's a great Cinderella story, but other than the Bears, the Steelers are probably the team that's closest to my heart." Left, you can see him waving one of the Steelers' iconic Terrible Towels.

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